MEblue currently offers public concierge service at specific public beach locations. Our personnel provide service to beach goers by listening to requests, being polite and courteous, setting up quickly and timely, raking the sand, picking up litter and otherwise helping everyone enjoy their beach experience. If you are at the beach and see one of our trailers with equipment, please stop on by and say hi!

We have a wide variety of equipment that we’ll be happy to rent out, transport, and setup at the location on the beach that you specify. The beach will be manicured to make sure there is no debris in the area during your stay. No need to worry about taking anything down as we will remove the equipment at the end of the day, around 6pm.

This service will only be offered during the summer season and may be limited to weekends in specific areas. If you are planning to stay in the area and want to make sure to have our gear waiting on you then check out our private concierge service!