It’s All About You!

For the time in your life when you realize you were right…It really is all about ME!!!

The team at MEblue will do our best to treat you like royalty. Sit back and relax while we do the work and you enjoy the vacation you deserve!

MEblue currently offers two types of services; a public and private beach concierge service. The public service is beach rental equipment setup on public beaches so you can relax while our friendly staff rent, transport and assemble chairs and canopies for you. We will clear the beach of any debris such as seaweed or trash, raking it clean for maximum comfort.
Read more on the public concierge page.

The private concierge service is for out of town guests who wish to rent, in advance of 1-4 weeks though generally 2hrs notice is enough, equipment in preparation for their vacation. We will then manicure the location as well as transport and setup the specified equipment ahead of the scheduled time at the specified location.
Read more on the private concierge page.

It’s All About You!

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